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Vegan Wax Wraps are a plastic free and re-usable alternative to cling film, and they do not use Beeswax so they are Vegan. Using the heat of your hands, these pretty, retro wraps can be moulded around sandwiches, bread, cheese and leftovers. The food stays fresh – even bread – for a few more days! Lovingly made in The Cotswolds, UK using organic cotton, sunflower, sumac and rice bran wax, mixed with castor oil, jojoba and pine resin, the wraps can be washed and dried, and used again and again for up to a year. Then, there is no waste – they can be composted in your normal compost bin.

If you prefer a non-vegan product, we also do Beeswax Wraps

Pack choices, contents and sizes:

Bread Wrap – 1 x Bread Wrap (50x50cm)

Small Kitchen Pack: 1x Medium Wrap (30x30cm); 1 Small Wrap (20x20cm)

Medium Kitchen Pack: 1 x Large Wrap (40x40cm): 1x Medium Wrap (30x30cm); 1 Small Wrap (20x20cm)

Large Kitchen Pack: 1 x Large Wrap (40x40cm): 2x Medium Wraps (30x30cm); 2 Small Wraps (20x20cm)

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
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Large Kitchen, Medium Kitchen, Small Kitchen, Bread


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