“Hand Woven by artisans (normally farmers), our baskets are made from natural, sun dried palm leaves in the traditional way.

Each unique basket takes 1-2 days to make and no two baskets will ever be exactly the same, like they would be from a factory.

We ship our baskets in full containers from North Africa, by sea, with the shortest possible onward road journey to our warehouse in the UK.

We buy used cardboard boxes for shipping, and use them again for wholesale orders where possible. Fully compostable potato sacks are used for retail orders.

The objective of our business is to make and sell beautiful, strong baskets that are genuinely re-usable time and again- and to significantly reduce the need for single-use plastic bags…

This business was started in 2011, and it is still run by just myself and a very small team of lovely people who pick and pack the orders at the warehouse for me.

Thank you for supporting Small Business and making a difference! I hope you will be enticed by our selection and find a basket you love!

They also make amazingly useful and much appreciated gifts… ;)”

Rebecca, Le Papillon Vert

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