French Basket: Joanna


We love the leather buckle – tres Francais!


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Jo says: “Looking for an eco-friendly re-useable shopper? This capacious basket is perfect for you!”

Here’s Joanna in use in a helpful video:

Joanna Basket 

  • Classic French-style chic
  • Added feature and security of a leather buckle
  • Comfortable padded shoulder length leather handles
  • Typical of the type used by the French every day
  • Hand plaited palm leaves finished in a step at one side, as per the traditional handwoven way
  • Leather buckle
  • Smaller version, Abigail, also available
  • Dimensions: W55 x D20 x H35cm (approx)
Please excuse us whilst we change! We are currently transitioning from our white and green tags to either a sewn-in embossed lozenge (which is the version we are going with permanently) or an embossed tag as shown in the photos. The reason for this part of an effort to reduce our carbon footprint as these tags were sourced from China. Our new ones are made by the leather artisans who to the leather for our baskets. 

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 20 × 35 cm

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