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Premium Hammam Towels


Great for holidays, 100% cotton – lightweight, effective, pack easily and efficiently, dry quickly and look fantastic! 




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Product Description

In Turkey and other countries known for their Hammam culture, supple, thin and hand-woven towels are commonly used in the hammam (bath house). These luxury towels, known as ‘fouta’ in French, are very practical because of their Large Size (170cmx100cm – same as most beach/bath towels) and lightweight, thin material.

It is so easy to wrap yourself up in their softness and because they dry you quickly, but more importantly, dry out much quicker than terry towels, there is no danger of that wet, soggy feeling!

Our beautiful striped hammam towels have been made from Premium hydrofoil cotton and so they absorb moisture quickly and easily. These lightweight towels are ideal as every day bath/shower towels, beach towels, travel towels, or for swimming and the gym because they are like a large bath towel and yet light in weight (just 250 gram).

Hammam towels dry amazingly quickly and are easy and economical to wash. They pack well, folding to a small size (adult t-shirt), and so are ideal for holidays, making room for other essentials in your suitcase. No more bulky beach towels that stay wet! Customers often also use them as picnic blankets, wraps (like a sarong) and as throws or table cloths!

It is also an excellent towel to use when caring for a baby (and makes a great baby shower gift): you can wrap the child in the towel when feeding, or use it to dry the baby off. Due to the tassels, we would definitely not advise leaving baby alone with the towel or sleeping with it.

Additional Information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 23 x 26 x 2 cm

Blue/White Stripe, Bright Blue/White Stripe, Cerise, Dark Purple/White Stripe, Fuschia/White Stripe, Greek Blue/White Stripe, Grey/White Stripe, Lavender/White Stripe, Light Green/White Stripe, Light Grey/White Stripe, Lilac/White Stripe, Powder Pink/White Stripe, Raspberry/White Stripe, Strawberry Ice Cream Pink/White Stripe, Turquoise/White Stripe

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